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Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin If you running an online business or even doing some kind of a simple online survey you do need to use forms for that gravity forms download. Forms allow you to interact with your audience in an organized way. There are lots of WordPress Form tools available which allow you to create responsive forms for your website but when it comes to design and efficiency,?Gravity Forms?is probably your best choice.

Gravity form is the most widely used Form maker WordPress plugin and probably the only one that you are going to need. gravity forms free download is packed with a huge variety of time-saving features which allow you to create intuitive forms in a matter of minutes. You can easily select the fields for your forms, configure the options and embed the form into your website.

Gravity Forms is a visual form editor which comes with 30+ built-in form fields. All of the fields are easily customizable and you can design and implement them the way you want to. Conditional logic enables you to hide or show the fields, sections, pages or even buttons like submit or upload based upon the user selection. This allows you to control the information that is being added by the user into the form.

gravity forms free download supports email notifications. It will automatically notify you if a form is submitted to your website. It comes with upload files fields which allow you to save the files added by the user to the form on your server. One of the most prominent features is the?Save?and?Continue?Feature. In case you have been working on the form and you were not able to complete it in one go, you can always save your project and work on it later on.

gravity forms download Features:

  • Visual Form Builder
  • Interactive User interface
  • 30 plus ready to use fields
  • Conditional Logic
  • File Upload
  • Limits and Scheduling the entries
  • Integration with other applications (Paypal, Stripe, Dropbox, Zapier, Freshbooks etc)


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