Easy Digital Downloads All Access Addon 1.1.3 latest version download

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Easy Digital Downloads All Access Addon Increase your profits by selling All Access memberships? which give your customers an extremely improved experience. All (or just some) of your store’s products will be, right at your customers? fingertips when they need them. After purchasing a membership, they simply log in and start downloading products. Your customers spend more than they otherwise would have, and also get more for their money? everyone wins.

When your customers purchase an All-Access Pass, they can log in and browse your site for products they?d like to download. Instead of seeing the normal? Buy Now? button, they?ll, see a? Download? button in its place. No more scrolling through long, un-searchable? purchase history? pages. Your products are already laid-out beautifully on your website and WordPress has built-in search functionality. All Access puts that to work by letting your customers download directly from each product?s sales page.

This makes for an amazingly smooth user experience when looking for a specific product from your store. In seconds, they can search, find, and download without needing to pay anything additional. They can download anything they want, whenever they want ? and ONLY what they want. This makes it simple, easy, and useful to your customers.

Easy Digital Downloads All Access Addon Features:

  • Set duration of access (any time length, from infinite down to a single day)
  • Allow unlimited downloads or set download limits (for example, 1 download per day/week/month/year)
  • Allow access to all products or limit by category(s)
  • Allow access to specific price variations only
  • Modify pass settings on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Create unlimited? tiered? passes. For example?Gold??Silver? and? Bronze? access levels.
  • Restrict Content (like embedded videos/text) on any page, post, or product.
  • Allow products to be purchased one-by-one AND sell All Access.
  • All Access Only mode so products can ONLY be downloaded using an access pass
  • Accept early renewals
  • Upsell to All Access beside any purchase button.
  • Show? Login? link beside any product (useful for existing All Access customers)
  • A tool to convert prior-to-installed purchases into All-Access Passes
  • Shortcode which shows? anything to people WITHOUT an All-Access Pass (useful for sales info)
  • Shortcode which only displays products the customer can download using their All-Access Pass
  • Shortcode which tells customers all of their All-Access Pass details (downloads left, etc)
  • Discount Codes: require a valid All-Access membership for specific discount codes to be used.

Integrations with other EDD extensions

  • EDD Recurring: Sell auto-recurring access memberships
  • EDD Software Licensing: Sell?Master Licenses? which work for all products and allows pro-rated upgrades
  • Frontend Submissions?&?EDD Commissions: Split the profits from All Access fairly among Shop vendors.


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