Brizy Pro page builder 0.0.31 latest version free download

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Brizy is a relatively new WordPress page builder that was released in April 2018 by a well-known company, ThemeFusion. Despite being young, it?s already showing so much promise. Its free version already has 50,000+ active installations which speak volumes on how well it performs.

It?s got a nice, intuitive interface thanks to the React technology and comes with a bunch of unique features that you won?t find in any other page builders.

With that said,?Brizy?still has a long way to go to rank up there with the reigning kings of page builders such as?Elementor Pro?and?Beaver Builder. But I really think that in time, it will be able to offer more compelling features and closely compete with the big guys.

Brizy has a free and pro version, the pricing and features of which will be discussed below.

If you?re looking for the best WordPress page builder, keep reading to find out how Brizy works, what you can do with it, how much it costs, which version you should get, and if Brizy is a perfect fit for your needs.

Which Brizy Version Should You Get?

Brizy is still a young product with much to improve on to be a truly all-in-one solution when it comes to building pages. With that said, the free version is good enough for those who are looking to create simple websites with simple pages.

The free Brizy version is enough to create:

  • Online portfolio (photographers, writers, artists, etc.)
  • Simple landing pages
  • Small business website

That?s if you don?t mind not having access to Brizy pre-made layouts.

However, if you?re someone who needs advanced functionalities like assigning roles to editors and contributors, layouts, pop-ups, integrations with marketing apps (like email marketing and analytics software), and dynamic content, you should consider purchasing Brizy Pro.

Who Should Use Brizy?

Although Brizy already has a lot to offer considering it was only released just over a year ago, it still has a long way to go to match the current top page builders like?Elementor?Pro and?Beaver Builder. There?s a lot that these page builders can do that Brizy can?t as of now owing to its young age.

So if you?re looking for powerful features that mature page builders can give, like building?Woocommerce?checkout or cart pages, and you need it right now, Brizy is not the perfect fit.

Purchasing the lifetime deal can be a great investment though since Brizy has more powerful features in the pipeline.


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