Astra Pro Addon 2.2.4 For Astra Theme latest version download


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Astra Pro is a powerful multipurpose add-on for the free Astra theme. It offers more advanced features which help to build and customize your website in a unique manner even without having to change or add a single piece of code. Astra free theme is a multipurpose theme for WordPress which is built with performance in mind. It is a lightweight theme and takes less than half a second to load and is built as SEO friendly. Astra Pro add-on is a plugin which is downloaded and installed separately; it extends the power of the Astra theme by adding more advanced features without disturbing the performance. When using a multipurpose theme, many users often complain about the user-friendliness of the theme because more features in a theme would complicate things and would not be user-friendly. Astra Pro has successfully dealt with this issue. Though it offers many advanced features, each feature is given as a separate module. You can choose to activate which features you want, and others features would remain deactivated thereby making it less complicated and saves loading time. Using lesser features would also add to the performance of your theme.

if you want to Hide Astra Pro activation notification then add this code to your function.php file
/*Hide Astra Pro activation notification*/
function my_admin_styles() {
	echo '<style>
	#update-nag, .update-nag {
add_action('admin_head' , 'my_admin_styles');


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