How to Manually Update WordPress Themes and Plugins

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You’re trying to update a theme or plugin on your site, but WordPress tells you that folder already exists but You can Manually Update WordPress Themes and Plugins. Well, here’s the thing.

By default, WordPress won’t allow you to install a theme or plugin that is already installed on your site. It doesn’t matter if the version you’re trying to upload is newer or not.

This means you’d have to deactivate and delete the theme/plugin first and then upload the new version. This is doable, but it’s kind of a hassle (not to mention a little stressful).

However, thanks to one very helpful plugin, there’s a much easier way.

In this blog, I am going to show you how you can Manually Update Your WordPress Themes and plugin.

Manually Update WordPress Themes and Plugins

First, log in to your WordPress Dashboard, Then go to the plugin section, Add New, Then search Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades. The plugin is developed by Chris Jean. Install and activate the plugin and you are good to go.


Then upload the theme or plugin you want to update. in this case, we are going to update to Elementor pro plugin. as you can see the current version of the Elementor pro does not update.

in order to update the plugin, go plugin Then click on add new and upload the new version of the plugin and activate that.

Congratulations! Your plugin has been updated. The process for the theme update is the same.

You can also download the old version of the theme or plugin by visiting your media library.

Thank You for reading the blog post until the end. If you have any question or suggestion please leave a comment on the comment section.

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