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IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin latest version download

IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin

IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin It is quite important and useful to make the backup of your WordPress website. In case your website comes under attack or your website server starts malfunctioning, you will still have your important data already backed up and ready to be restored or to be migrated to another server.

BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin allows you to back up your entire WordPress website. This back can be used to restore your website later on or you can even migrate your website to a different host with this backup. Some website hosting companies offer website backup facility but even that is of no use in case the server hosting your website crashes. Keeping that in mind, it is always better to set up a backup plan for the restoration of your website. Some other factors that may cause you to lose your website and all the data in it may include:

  • Website Hack
  • Malware
  • Deleted files or automatic running of bad commands
  • User errors

All of these factors mentioned above can cause you to lose your website and all the work that you have put in it. That is where IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin comes into play. IThemes Backupbuddy plugin free download will create back up of your entire WordPress website including plugins, themes, Widgets your SQL database.

Another awesome feature of IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin is that it allows you to move your website to a totally different domain or to another host. This feature is particularly useful for website designers who build the website for their clients on temporary domains or local hosts.

BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Entire Website Backup
  • Doesn’t require lots of memory
  • Create off-site backup
  • Allows you to move your WordPress website to a different domain
  • Customize the contents of your backup i.e. exclude files from the backup
  • Can email backup files to the owner
  • Easy to integrate and understand
  • Version:
  • Last Updated: September 19, 2019

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